Here I present a selection of my works through the years I have been working as an artist.

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Host certificate 55 Immigrants

55 Immigrants is my latest project in which I have made 55 monoprints representing 55 different immigrants. They are now in a suitcase ready to be sent out into the world, so that these immigrants can reach their new homes. 

Every time an immigrant leaves the suitcase to join their new family and home, a map will be updated with the new location and a picture.

Throughout this journey the income from the profit of the prints will be donated to Danish Refugee Council, an NGO that helps immigrants around the world.

I did not hear much from him for some time, and I do not remember how much I thought about the fact that he was not there anyway, I was busy growing up I guess. 

I remember that school was difficult at that point, could it be because I was going through these changes in my life? I have never made that connection before, but I think it makes sense.  All of a sudden I had to change school, closer to the place my mother worked, in another town, a little less than two hours each way. Until one year later we moved away from El Peñol to Rionegro. We knew nobody there. 

55 immigrants-14.jpg