Welcome to my blog "Randomness", here I will post stuff related to my artwork, talk about ideas, link to stuff that I like and things that inspire me.

The Bus project

Today i am working on the "Bus Project" , this project has being a side project during the last 2 years, which I work on when ever i am not getting ready for exhibitions or educational projects.

"The bus project" is an animated short film that explores the feelings one have when moving from one place to another, on the actual moment of moving, during the actual journey.

I might admit that this project is inspired by the little i know about my father moving to the United States of America trough Mexico.

I have created This company called Inrejse which has this unique bus filed with about 20 characters that will be migrating somewhere else that their own home land. 

trough the 7, 10 minutes of length of the film I will be telling the story of about 5 characters trough sounds colors and moving images, no voices will be speaking during the film.

I plan to be done with the film in April and be shown out doors in whatever walls are available for a few hours. and then move to another location, in a way it can be seen as a form of video graffiti.

It Is so exiting, because I don't even Know how everything will look at the end. I am very much looking forward to see it.