Welcome to my blog "Randomness", here I will post stuff related to my artwork, talk about ideas, link to stuff that I like and things that inspire me.

Back on track


I am happy to say that I have been very busy these last few months. Working on different projects.

I will give you first an update on the Bus Project:

Everything was going well and the recording of the video was almost done, and even though I was a bit late for the deadline I was happy with the process, but running around with so much pressure in my head made me a little careless. One day in February while working on a video I dropped my laptop while it was on, I picked it up, but slowly a cold air was filling my chest, I tried to turn the computer on, but only a message saying: "no bootable disk" showed up. This meant that the computer was broken. You all might say, ok, he might have a back up of everything... Well, I did have an old back up, but nothing about my film was backed up. I even sent the hard drive to a data forensics company , but they could only recover 1% of my 328 GB of information on the disk. 

I am taking the opportunity to advice you to have a back up of whatever you do. 

The bus project has to be animated all over again and the new deadline is the 30. of June.

I am so much looking forward to seeing the film done. I hope everything will go well.


At the same time I have been working on a project called "Sagn om Savn", an outdoor ephemeral paintings exhibition, as the first step towards my research about ephemeral works, and Savn as a thematic in my work. 

Savn is a danish word that describes the concept of missing somebody or something. For me Savn describes my feeling of missing my family, friends, and things from my home country, a way of getting closer to the memories I have from my home country. 

Here are some of the paintings I made for this outdoor installation. 

Sagn om savn