Welcome to my blog "Randomness", here I will post stuff related to my artwork, talk about ideas, link to stuff that I like and things that inspire me.

New year New stuff

Hello world, last year was filled with many exciting projects and exhibitions. Paris, New York, Miami, Basel, Denmark, Cologne, etc. But not much of it is on this site. Today I will tell you a little bit about the projects and things I have being working on during the last year. 


Video installation within the migration thematic that speaks about that feeling one has when migrating to a new place, to start a new life, sometimes feeling like "why did i move here?", feeling lost and helpless, feeling unable to connect and have a life in the new place and unable to connect with what was left behind. Leaving one in a place, feeling "I just do not know what to do now". Leaving the immigrant in a limbo.

The installation itself has no sound!

The Bus Project is now done and is called "Inrejse"

A short art video film, that shows several characters, "immigrants", sitting in a bus on their journey to a different place, to a place that might bring new experiences, new opportunities in their lives, a hope for a change.  

screen shot "Inrejse"

screen shot "Inrejse"

"Inrejse" grows from the question; How do we feel while migrating, excited, sad about leaving a life behind, relieved by escaping the situation in one's home country, thinking about what the future might bring, a better life?

Some characters are based on real life immigrant stories and others are imagined.

I am hoping to be able to show the film in 2016 in film festivals and exhibition places as well as projecting it in public space as 'video graffiti'.  

screen shot "Inrejse"

screen shot "Inrejse"