TEST Commissions/Collaborations

From time to time i meet artist that want to initiate a collaborative work with me as much as i want to work with them and some of the results are nice and inspiring. as well as collaborative works  sometimes people come and ask me to do this or that, and if i like the idea and i have enough freedom in the project i do it.

here are some of this projects. 

Little Colombia


Alle Svarende


Foreningernes Hus 



this is a place (description) witch i got invited to decorate and give workshops there and work as a practical helper. and this are the pieces i made for the place witch moved to an other place ... the building had to be thorn-down, the painting don't exist any more 

Ceramic Works 

I never tried working with porcelain before i met Claus Dommine a master of the art when it comes working with ceramic.

We try to meet once a year to do a little work together, i work parallel on my own unique stuff and some pieces we do together.

here it is a little taste of our work. 

3 Minnutter i Gellerup

Was a project i were i worked together with Opgang2 turne teater.

Their Project was...