Music video made for BandAne 2013

I met Ane at Engelsholm Højskole and from there I saw how talented she was, so I offered her to make a music video for her music. She saw my drawing style and earlier music videos, and she was intrigued. We started working on this music video project and the result came out great. We are both very proud of it.

"Lad dem smile"

Music video made for Røgslør in 2011

This was my first music video, it was made in 2011 when I was working a lot with migration thematics and renewing my residency permit in Denmark. The video reflects the stress and frustration that comes from not feeling completely welcome in Denmark because of the Danish authorities and political debates.


"Fra forstanden"

Music video made for Røgslør. This video was made in 2012 and is first now in 2015 shown to the public.

Sadly the members of the band were too busy with their jobs and their families and couldn't continue with the band.

But here it is, a good song and a charming music video.

By the way, if you are wondering, they sing in danish.