""Drawing of a created memory"

Was a poetic, ephemeral outdoors installation based on my father's death. The character was painted with materials that would wash away with the rain, leaving some places white and others with a bit of color. 

"The portable galleries"

These little yellow books are meant to travel with me to places and be shown to the people that I meet. 

When I was living in Ireland, I lived in a very small room, there was literately only space for the bed. In my urge to work I started creating these small drawings of my experiences in Ireland as it was my first time ever in Europe. These drawings became a journal. At some point I got so many that I didn't know what to do with them - until I had these handmade yellow books crafted. I pasted all the drawings I had in them and called them "The portable galleries".

"El kæmpe delincuente"

This gigantic ephemeral drawing was especially made to celebrate Godsbanen's 1 year birthday.