Ana Isabel Diez And David Ramirez Gomez

Ana Isabel Diez And David Ramirez Gomez

Ana and I Met in 2016 at her solo exhibition at (Galleria de la oficina) in Colombia, since that moment we have being closely in contact with each other thinking about the possibility of creating something together, we both have a personal view on world issues and work and express with a wide range of techniques a mediums.

we find a coherent meeting point in the fact that we both relate to different issues in society to day. We adresse different problems in society in our work and our artistic production; she works consequently with the woman in focus and their situation in society, while i take my self as a starting point as an immigrant in Denmark to adresse different Issues on this thematic.

We believe that with the given opportunity of coming to Tækker air Berlin residency we will have the chance to establish a connection between Colombia and Denmark,  open a new door of possibilities that can bring in the future great projekts between artists and creatives from both lands. we believe that this barriers and frontiers have to be torn down. 

We will use our month at tækker air Berlin residency to discus the issues of frontiers, barriers, limits, etc. focused on not only national frontiers, but also on cultural, moral 


David Presentation

In recent years, I have worked with great focus on migration-related issues. I am currently investigating the relationship an immigrant has to one’s country of origin, culture and one’s family.

We live in a globalized world where displacement is status quo. It is not only refugees from war-torn zones that are displaced, but it is to an increasing degree required that we are willing to move for a job, education, better opportunities, follow love, etc. Deprivation is something we all know about in today's world, and this motivates me to research materials and concepts related to ephemerality, fragility and vulnerability. I see in the situation of escaping, moving, leaving what you know; a dramatic universe of visual poetry, which I explore, portray and experiment with. For some time, I have been working to understand these feelings of 'loss' and 'deprivation', and they have become one of the biggest drivers in my work today.

My main media is painting, but I often express myself through installation, sculpture, video and performance. I develop my works based on my own experiences, knowledge and feelings, and cultivate a connection with our contemporary collective consciousness as I am absorbed by the same feelings that all people suffer from. I work with these topics through my artistic practices, I use myself as a subject - I expose the imperfect and at times broken self and invite the spectator into my universe and my experience as a foreigner in the Danish society. At the same time I use everyday materials as a part of a contemplation of the continuity of the everyday life as a contrast to the impermanence of the materials, the moment and life.

Grænsesøgende (detail)

Grænsesøgende (detail)

Grænsesøgende ...

 Is a political statement about migration and refugee situation in Denmark, which has been undergoing a number of tightening measures in recent years.
It is impossible to understand and imagine a world without migration, all living in nature migrates, it is one of the conditions for living in our world. We all are looking to improve our lives, survive in the world, we are looking for the best for our family and ourselves. And sometimes it takes you to flee away from the places you know and are comfortable with. But it's not as easy every time. Especially when doors around the world are closed, walls are being built, boundaries are tightened. Bird cages are built for culture, population and development in general.

I see that as a very restricted way of looking at the world. Inger Støjberg has become a symbol of this position in Denmark. Therefore, I think portrait of Inger Støjberg, who is awkward in his little cage, and with his searcher long arms restricts her self to her own view of the world.

Ana presentation

"Tengo un marcado interés por los temas sociales y por lo tanto, siento la necesidad de tratar estos asuntos en mis prácticas artísticas."

Básicamente dos temas están presentes en mi trabajo: el paisaje y la mujer, y me interesa establecer relaciones entre ambos. Unas imágenes de histeroscopias (endoscopias del útero) me permitieron descubrir que como mujer, tengo un paisaje en mi interior. Y cuando este paisaje se vulnera, como se vulnera nuestra naturaleza, es cuando se incurre en el maltrato. El carácter femenino de la naturaleza y su fragilidad,  me sirven para referirme al mundo de las mujeres y su situación en la sociedad, para denunciar problemas tan graves como la violencia intrafamiliar o el tráfico de personas, cuyas principales víctimas son ellas, creando obras a partir de historias íntimas, sin olvidar su carácter global.

Ser una artista contemporánea me abre las posibilidades de expresión a una variedad muy amplia de medios con los que me siento cómoda y no temo correr riesgos o experimentar. Mi formación en diferentes áreas del conocimiento, me permite una visión multidisciplinaria de la problemática que abordo en mi obra.

A pesar de tratar un tema tan fuerte como la violencia de género, me gusta hacerlo con sutileza, sin evidencias claras que permitan predecir lo que se va a encontrar.

Bola ana isabel diez.jpg

Bola Ana Isabel Diez ( el texto en ingles es dificil de entender)

“EN – BOLA – ATADOS surge de las diferentes acepciones del término EMBOLATAR y, a partir de un juego de palabras que permite la reconstrucción/deconstrucción del vocablo que finalmente se torna en EN – BOLA – ATAR, la artista aborda el tema de la violencia intrafamiliar contra las mujeres haciendo un llamado de atención sobre la magnitud creciente de esta problemática social.

Dado que la ropa está cargada de historia, memoria e identidad, el proyecto plantea el rompimiento de esos patrones culturales mediante la destrucción de prendas personales de mujeres sometidas a violencia. Con las prendas rasgadas, se construyen bolas atando los girones de ropa, enredando, enmarañando, dándole una nueva configuración, transformando esa realidad. Es decir, la construcción de las bolas se convierte en un acto catártico y sanador que implica un cambio de forma.


We will develop an action plan and some exhibition proposals for the coming years both in Denmark and Colombia, and abroad. 


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