Here is a selection of installations done in the past few years.


This work from 2017  is a political statement on migration and refugee situation in Denmark, which in recent years has gone through a number of tightening measures in the legislation.
It is impossible to understand and imagine a world without migration, all living in nature migrates, it is one of the conditions for living in our world. We all seek to improve our lives, survive in the world, we are looking for the best for our family and ourselves. And sometimes it takes you to flee away from the places we know and are comfortable with. But it's not as easy every time. Especially when doors around the world are closed, walls are being built that tighten boundaries. Bird cages are built for culture, population and development in general.

I see that as a very restricted way of looking at the world. Inger Støjberg, the Danish Minister of Immigration and Integration, has become a symbol of this kind of attitude in Denmark. This installation is a magnified portrait of Inger Støjberg who awkwardly sits with her seeking hands around herself, drawing her own greedy limits.



" Den Lille Casa"

Is a little installation, 20 x 20 cm, which represents a person trying to establish communication with his family. 

The character is sitting in an small room while a sound is playing in the background, voices that cross in between noisy sounds.

" I min by "

This was a little installation based on me getting to know Denmark. I was particularly caught by the windows and all their small differences in color when passing by Gellerup on Ringvejen, and wondering: who lives there and there or there ? 

I made a lot of portraits of people I saw walking around on some diapositives i found in the area.

"Hus nummer 20"

This was made especially for the space at Gallery V58 during their Winter exhibition 2014/2015. I created a room for an artist who is surrounded by his own artworks while sitting on a sofa watching TV. 

"From A to B"

Was an installation based on migration.  A video projection inside the shed was showing the story of different characters moving from one place to another.

The spectators would go around the museum and could constantly hear sounds coming out from the shed, inviting them to look trough the small windows.