From time to time I meet artists that want to initiate a collaborative work with me as much as I want to work with them and some of the results are nice and inspiring. As well as collaborative works sometimes people come and ask me to do this or that, and if I like the idea and I have enough freedom in the project I'll do it.

Here are some of these projects. 

Little Colombia

I was invited by a German collector to do a painting just outside the building he owns and lives in. He gave me freedom and this is what I came up with.

Little Colombia tells a story about the things I have experienced in my life in my homeland, things and people I miss. It is the image of an eclectic landscape that without being realistically painted give a realistic impression of being there - at least for me.  


Alle Svarene

On this David Nordentoft project I made the CD cover and inner design.

Here are the song/soundscapes that are on the CD.



Foreningernes Hus

This is a place which i got invited to decorate while also giving workshops there. I made these very big paintings on the inside of the house. Later the building had to be torn down, so the paintings don't exist anymore. 


Ceramic Works 

I never tried working with porcelain before I met Claus Domine - a master of the art when it comes to working with ceramics.
We try to meet once a year to work together while I also work on my own pieces.

Here is a little taste of our work. 



3 minutter i Gellerup

Was a project where I worked together with Opgang2 Turné teater.

Their project was to do 3 minutes portraits of people from an area called Gellerup. in total they made 52 chapters of the series 3 Minutter i Gellerup, and 12 of them were my work, illustrating 12 stories written by kids from the area. Here are the illustrations shown as they were when broadcasted on TV2 Østjylland