Here you can find a selection of performances and happenings.


"Bolig bevis"

This happening was the first thing people encountered when entering into my solo show at Mellemrummet in Godsbanen.

At this point I was going through my third time renewing my residency permit in Denmark. I made an office set up where people could pay for the right to apply for correct documentation of an apartment. The visitors would get a piece of paper and not much information about what was going on. They would then have to go to the 3rd floor and be confronted with some questions that are part of the original application for residency permit in Denmark. It didn't matter if people answered right or wrong they would randomly get their application rejected or accepted.

"Wandering, you win, you loose, you change"

I came into the exhibition space Rum 46 carrying 3 pieces of luggage. Inside the bags were 3 characters with their stories, stuff, things, even extra eyes or hands or clouds; many different tings. In the room were 3 microphones connected to a computer that was looping the sounds that came trough each mic. 

In the performance I went through placing and removing the characters from time to time, pasting them on the walls with tape and pulling (parts of) them down again, while the sounds were growing  and the characters were mutating. 


"The Little Bus" 

The Little Bus performance is a playful performance in which I walk around with a little bus made out of a milk box. The bus is full of immigrants and all their belongings and stories.
Whenever I find a nice spot I take one of the immigrants and his/her luggage and place them in the site which will now be their new home - until someone comes along and maybe takes them elsewhere.