Here I present a selection of my works through the years I have been working as an artist.

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55 Immigrants

Reports tell that the suitcase with 55 Immigrants is wandering around in the United States of America. Planning the next move.

To continue with the story I started telling last week about my father and the American dream, we have to go back to 1990 when I was a little boy that did not understand much about the world around me, but had a playful mind and loved to bicycle around the little town of El Peñol, Antioquia, Colombia. 
I did not really understand why or where my father was going, I did not have any certain idea of how long time he would be gone or when he would be back. I just have a very blurry memory of the time he was at the the José María Córdova International Airport getting ready to start his journey. I guess he was dreaming of the wonderful life he would be able to give us by working in the United States and sending money back to us in Colombia to help us improve our lives; while all I hardly remember is that he had a dark blue suit - or perhaps it was black... To be continued.  

55 immigrants-3.jpg