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”Pentecostes” (Super immigrant)  156 x 155 cm  2011

”Pentecostes” (Super immigrant)

156 x 155 cm



Pentecostes is a work done in 2011 during a period in which the political situation regarding Immigrants was tough. Requirements to go through the integration process were getting tighter; just to be able to apply for family reunification (the visa option for married couples who wish to live together in Denmark, when one of them is from outside Europe and the other one is Danish). To get permanent residency one had to gather points during a 3 year period of time, some of the point giving circumstances were: having a full-time job for at least one year (demonstrating this being an individual artist not employed by someone seemed a bit difficult at that time for me); having completed 5 levels of education in danish language, having done a certain amount of hours of volunteer work, etc. At the same time on had to renew the temporary permission to stay, which also had several requirements that were constantly updated; to have security funding in an isolated bank account, to live in a place that was more than 50 square meter and had a contract for at least 3 years ahead from the time of starting the renewal process - which in the beginning was one year after coming to Denmark, then every year and a half and so on. These are a few of the things I can remember today about that. All this seemed a bit tough for me, I felt as if they wanted us to be superimmigrants, for me this was a clear message.