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David Ramírez [CO] & Troels Primdahl [DK]
& Friends from La Loma, San Cristobal
Opening Night 17th November 2016
Paul Bardwell Contemporary
Colombo Americano Medellín


[The La Loma Testimony]

David Ramírez [CO] & Troels Primdahl [DK] 

in collaboration with friends from La Loma, San Cristóbal

It is already happening: a revolt against the urban violence taking place in an outskirt village northeast of Medellín. Through artistic practices a group of inhabitants are redefining themselves as a new family of La Loma. A family who dissents from belonging to one of the combos and hence from joining the battle for control of the criminal underworld. And with this initiative they are risking everything. 

Like an elephant in the room an awkwardly over-dimensioned white ACNUR car made of wood and pvc seems to address an obvious problem. Occupying the gallery space with a contraintuitive impression of immobility the automobile starts unfolding a multitude of unanswered questions. As an object supposed to move, the car seems to be stuck in a violent history which has been going on for too long and which still leads to an everyday life of forced recruitment, intra-urban displacements, extortion and sexual abuse.

The installation of a black tunnel creates a labyrinth pathway into a deeper psychological contemplation on the current situation in La Loma. From an explorative mesh of compositional and choreographic elements a performance cycle is slowly emerging in the dark. Eleven performers are devoting their voices and their bodies to become one instrument while they seek to bear witness about the complex emotions that reigns behind the ongoing fight for transgression and emancipation. After a while it becomes clear how darkness and light, noise and silence, stillness and movement give birth to each others destruction somehow.

This is not an exhibition. The works presented here should rather be perceived as a testimony; a proof. Due to La Loma’s strategic location, ideal for para-military drugsmugling organisations, the place has become a Gordian knot. Though, just as Gordian knots can only be solved by making a cut, this is exactly what the new family of La Loma is already doing - by transgressing the invisible borders with a yearning for love and friendship.




»Perhaps it is like a flash of lightning in the night which, from the beginning of time, gives a dense and black intensity to the night it denies, which lights up the night from the inside, from top to bottom, and yet owes to the dark the stark clarity of its manifestation, its harrowing and poised singularity; the flash loses itself in this space it marks with its sovereignty and becomes silent now that it has given name to obscurity.«

Michel Foucault: A Preface to Transgression

Promoted image of the month

 ”Pentecostes” (Super immigrant)  156 x 155 cm  2011

”Pentecostes” (Super immigrant)

156 x 155 cm



Pentecostes is a work done in 2011 during a period in which the political situation regarding Immigrants was tough. Requirements to go through the integration process were getting tighter; just to be able to apply for family reunification (the visa option for married couples who wish to live together in Denmark, when one of them is from outside Europe and the other one is Danish). To get permanent residency one had to gather points during a 3 year period of time, some of the point giving circumstances were: having a full-time job for at least one year (demonstrating this being an individual artist not employed by someone seemed a bit difficult at that time for me); having completed 5 levels of education in danish language, having done a certain amount of hours of volunteer work, etc. At the same time on had to renew the temporary permission to stay, which also had several requirements that were constantly updated; to have security funding in an isolated bank account, to live in a place that was more than 50 square meter and had a contract for at least 3 years ahead from the time of starting the renewal process - which in the beginning was one year after coming to Denmark, then every year and a half and so on. These are a few of the things I can remember today about that. All this seemed a bit tough for me, I felt as if they wanted us to be superimmigrants, for me this was a clear message.

New year New stuff

Hello world, last year was filled with many exciting projects and exhibitions. Paris, New York, Miami, Basel, Denmark, Cologne, etc. But not much of it is on this site. Today I will tell you a little bit about the projects and things I have being working on during the last year. 


Video installation within the migration thematic that speaks about that feeling one has when migrating to a new place, to start a new life, sometimes feeling like "why did i move here?", feeling lost and helpless, feeling unable to connect and have a life in the new place and unable to connect with what was left behind. Leaving one in a place, feeling "I just do not know what to do now". Leaving the immigrant in a limbo.

The installation itself has no sound!

The Bus Project is now done and is called "Inrejse"

A short art video film, that shows several characters, "immigrants", sitting in a bus on their journey to a different place, to a place that might bring new experiences, new opportunities in their lives, a hope for a change.  

 screen shot "Inrejse"

screen shot "Inrejse"

"Inrejse" grows from the question; How do we feel while migrating, excited, sad about leaving a life behind, relieved by escaping the situation in one's home country, thinking about what the future might bring, a better life?

Some characters are based on real life immigrant stories and others are imagined.

I am hoping to be able to show the film in 2016 in film festivals and exhibition places as well as projecting it in public space as 'video graffiti'.  

 screen shot "Inrejse"

screen shot "Inrejse"

Back on track


I am happy to say that I have been very busy these last few months. Working on different projects.

I will give you first an update on the Bus Project:

Everything was going well and the recording of the video was almost done, and even though I was a bit late for the deadline I was happy with the process, but running around with so much pressure in my head made me a little careless. One day in February while working on a video I dropped my laptop while it was on, I picked it up, but slowly a cold air was filling my chest, I tried to turn the computer on, but only a message saying: "no bootable disk" showed up. This meant that the computer was broken. You all might say, ok, he might have a back up of everything... Well, I did have an old back up, but nothing about my film was backed up. I even sent the hard drive to a data forensics company , but they could only recover 1% of my 328 GB of information on the disk. 

I am taking the opportunity to advice you to have a back up of whatever you do. 

The bus project has to be animated all over again and the new deadline is the 30. of June.

I am so much looking forward to seeing the film done. I hope everything will go well.


At the same time I have been working on a project called "Sagn om Savn", an outdoor ephemeral paintings exhibition, as the first step towards my research about ephemeral works, and Savn as a thematic in my work. 

Savn is a danish word that describes the concept of missing somebody or something. For me Savn describes my feeling of missing my family, friends, and things from my home country, a way of getting closer to the memories I have from my home country. 

Here are some of the paintings I made for this outdoor installation. 

Sagn om savn

The Bus project

Today i am working on the "Bus Project" , this project has being a side project during the last 2 years, which I work on when ever i am not getting ready for exhibitions or educational projects.

"The bus project" is an animated short film that explores the feelings one have when moving from one place to another, on the actual moment of moving, during the actual journey.

I might admit that this project is inspired by the little i know about my father moving to the United States of America trough Mexico.

I have created This company called Inrejse which has this unique bus filed with about 20 characters that will be migrating somewhere else that their own home land. 

trough the 7, 10 minutes of length of the film I will be telling the story of about 5 characters trough sounds colors and moving images, no voices will be speaking during the film.

I plan to be done with the film in April and be shown out doors in whatever walls are available for a few hours. and then move to another location, in a way it can be seen as a form of video graffiti.

It Is so exiting, because I don't even Know how everything will look at the end. I am very much looking forward to see it.